7  Best Android TV Launcher Apps of 2022

Android TV Launcher Apps

You may start all activities with this android TV launcher software. Also, the launcher applications assist you in optimizing the content menu effortlessly and following it in a manner. If you are seeking the top android TV Launcher apps, this post can help you with this. Some of the Best utilizing Android TV Launcher app names are stated below paragraph.

List of Best Android TV Launcher Apps of 2022

We are providing you an overview of each Android TV launcher application so take a look closely to find out why these apps are on my favorite list:

Android TV Launcher Apps : Ugoos TV Launcher

Ugoos is Known as the finest app launcher for Android TV. The user experience is a little bit compared to this Tv launcher software with others because the left side of the Launcher includes capabilities to scroll the wheel, which allows you to browse the wide categories such as apps, games, and the internet.

The Ugoos TV is equipped with nine themes that you may elegantly employ. And all the themes include changeable backgrounds, cons, and adaptable remote controls. Basically, this software provides you with a totally different view of your Android TV.

Android TV Launcher Apps : TvHome Launcher 

This is ideal for those who have a Samsung or LG television. The interface of this Launcher is clean and uncluttered. Keeping things simple, all the apps are arranged in a horizontal row at the bottom of the screen.

If you’d like, you may change the image in the backdrop to something more personal. You may check the app by pressing the left and right corner buttons on your TV remote. TvHome Launcher may also be used to drain your system’s resources in the most simple way. It’s worth it if you have an Android TV box that’s cheap but weak.

Android TV Launcher Apps : HA Launcher

An application called HA Launcher may open various kinds of programs. The HA Launcher is wonderful since it takes care of difficulties that arise when background apps on TV boxes and portable consoles aren’t visible.

It is also possible to alter the wallpaper and the font, size, and color in the app. This Launcher’s advantage is that it supports sideloaded apps on its screen, whereas HA Launcher does not.

Android Tv sideloaded apps may be accessed without the requirement for any kind of workaround. Many launchers let you customize your background image, and HA’s launcher software is no exception.

Simple TV Launcher

Free and easy Android TV box Launcher: Simple TV Launcher. This TV app launcher has six slots for apps to be install. You may select the applications that appear to be the most relevant to your needs from the available slots, and if you want to see a complete list of all of your apps, you’ll need to click on the icon bar in the top right-hand corner. In the upper-right corner of your screen, you’ll notice an icon that allows you to access the Android TV menu. An easy-to-use TV launcher program is built for 720 and 1080p displays, and it’s reliable enough that you can animate backgrounds.

ATV Launcher

Users looking for an Android TV launcher with infinite customization possibilities can try ATV Launcher. It’s an excellent Android TV launcher. It’s easy to use, straightforward and allows for a great deal of personalization on your Android TV. It also lets you add your favorite widgets to your home screen, like as the time or the weather, and you’ll find them all here. This Launcher also includes an option for users to choose their own wallpapers. You should be aware that our TV app launcher includes everything that the Android TV launcher already includes.

UNICA TV Launcher

With the customization option capabilities, the user may personalize their home screen in variety of ways with the UNICA TV Launcher. UNICA TV is a launcher with a search option that is easy to use. Real-time app discovery is make possible thanks to the built-in search functionality. You’ll see that the applications are sort and shown in four separate column bars. This functionality, on the other hand, makes it easy to reach the custom category. As an added bonus, you’ll discover that it gives you quick access to all of the accessible categories.

Mega TV Launcher

As a TV launcher for android box owners, the Mega Tv app is unique. The app bar may be customized to include a preferred app, and the main home screen can used to open all of your favorite programs. I’ve never had any issues with this Launcher. There is only one window where all of the browsing applications and related activities take place, which might make things a little confusing for the user.

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